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Prices Start From:

Office Exam (per pet)    $25.00

All surgeries and dental's must have a exam within 24 hours of surgery.

 Spay & Neuter

Female* $60.00
Male**          $35.00

Female Dogs*:
1-20 pounds  $110.00
21-30 pounds $120.00
31-40 pounds $135.00
41-50 pounds $150.00
51-60 pounds        $175.00
60-99 pounds  Dr.Quote
Male dogs**:
1-20 pounds  $110.00
21-40 pounds  $120.00
41-50 Pounds   $135.00
51-75 Pounds $150.00
76-99 Pounds    Dr,Quote

Male or female dogs over 100 pounds require a personalized quote.
*All females are subject to additional charge for  estrus, pregnancy, lactation or obesity.
**All males are subject to additional charge for crypt orchid and require an estimate.

Surgical Options

Pre-Anesthetic Blood Work

CBC $45.00
Mini panel  $65.00
Complete Panel $110.00
IV Fluid Therapy
Feline Neuter  $30.00
Feline spay & surgeries  $45.00
Canine 0-20 pounds $35.00
Canine 21-50 pounds $50.00
Canine 51+ Pounds $70.00
Pain Medication
Cats $45.00
Dogs 0-6 Pounds  $45.00
Dogs 7-13 Pounds $450.00
Dogs 14-27 Pounds $45.00
Dogs 28-50 Pounds $50.00
Dogs 51-75 Pounds $60.00
Dogs 76-100 Pounds  $70.00

E-collars are available for $10.00-$15.00 (+tax) for after surgery.

We offer microchiping for all pets. Microchips are $26.00 and take just a few minutes to implant and register!

We now offer Sevoflourane, a newer and even safer anesthetic for your pets! Especially for our senior and high risk patients, it is a good idea for all animals undergoing an anesthetic procedure! Ask our receptionists for details on why Sevoflourane is right for your pet!

Add on Sevo for Spays,Neuters,Dentals

0-20 Pounds         $50.00
21-40 pounds  $100.00
41-50 Pounds  $100.00
51-75 Pounds $150.00
76-99 Pounds $200.00


We perform vaccines on a walk in basis 7 days a week!
(All vaccine patients are required to have a physical exam with our clinic within the past 1 year)

DHP-Parvo   $15.00
Corona  $15.00
Bordatella $15.00
Rabies  $8.00
Lyme* $28.00
FVRCP $10.00
FELV $25.00
Rabies $8.00

Vaccine packages:
Dogs w/Rabies  $46.00
Dogs w/o rabies   $40.00

*Vaccine packages do not include Lyme or FIP

Dental Cleanings
Cats:   $145.00
0-10 Pounds  $145.00
11-30 pounds $160.00
31-60 Pounds $185.00
61 Pounds & Up  $225.00


Great news!
We also offer a 15% discount on Thursday for our dental procedures!


Cats    $10.00
Dogs 0-35 pounds $20.00
Dogs 35+ pounds  $30.00

Reservations recommended!
Pets boarded with us are provided bedding and food.
Dogs are taken for 2 walks daily. All pets boarding must be on flea control and current on vaccines.
Any pet boarding with us for 7 days or more is required to be bathed prior to discharge.
If your pet is on medication or needs additional services please advise us at drop off.
(additional charges may apply)

Pet Care Is Our Passion

Pet Care Is Our Passion

AAA Animal Hospital is a full service veterinary hospital that is dedicated to the health, happiness and well being of your pet. Each of your pets becomes part of the AAA family and receives uncompromising care, service and genuine concern by our entire hospital staff. AAA Animal Hospital has thousands of satisfied patients over the past 35 years. We offer low cost vaccinations, spaying and neutering. We have a new state of the art facility which offers digital x -rays, in-house laboratory testing, a fully stocked pharmacy, ultrasound, and orthopedic and soft tissue surgeries. Our hospital carries a wide variety of prescription diets and all the latest in flea control including Nexgard and Comfortis. We also offer boarding for cats and dogs with brand new "condo" style facilities. Call us to book your boarding reservation today.

      We are staying open later for your convenience  

Last exam is an hour before closing.

  Monday -Friday 7:30-9pm

     Saturday-Sunday 8am-5pm

We close early the day before most major holidays and are closed on the holiday. 

THIS ---->https://myaaavetnet.vetmatrixbase.com/services/pricing-of-services.html

Business Hours

Day Open Closed
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
7:30am 7:30am 7:30am 7:30am 7:30am 8:00am 8:00am
9:00pm 9:00pm 9:00pm 9:00pm 9:00pm 5:00pm 5:00pm

What is Petly

See your pet on Petly – As your pet's personal health page, Petly is a special place for you and your pet. You're just one click away! – GO TO PETLY

Petly is a secure personal health page for your pet that gives you direct access to your pet's health records 24/7. We're happy to provide Petly to all our current clients who have an active email address at the practice. 

Petly is a great way to view your pet's health records, anytime, plus you can easily connect with us at your convenience. Petly offers many features to help you keep track of your pet's health needs and shares informative articles on the latest trends in pet health.

Need Vaccine History for traveling this weekend? With Petly you can print your vaccine records right from home, plus so much more including:

  • View your Pet's Visit History at our Practice
  • View Upcoming Appointment Information
  • Request Appointments & Prescription Refills
  • Sign-up to for Appointment Reminder Text Messages
  • Update Us on any changes to your Address & Phone
  • View our Recent Facebook Posts!
  • Manage your Email Preferences* 

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